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Does Your Big Data Have Emotion?

Do you understand the emotional way in which people use your products or services?


GDPR Plan – Do you have yours?

Have you kicked off your GDPR programme of work? Do you think you will be compliant by 18th May 2018? Below I have listed the areas and questions that I feel should be considered. I have formed these into a high-level plan to aid implementation in a phased approach. Assess the questions and points. Identify […]

GDPR Privacy Notice

How are you getting on with being GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) ready?  I hope you are starting to consider what it is you need to do and at least communicate to the business the obligations you have as an organisation. And building awareness as required in step 1. Following on from my previous posts […]

Sharing Your Bank Transactions – Does That Concern You…

How easy is it to find out which account would be best for you and your individual situation? If you had access to a comparison site like those for Insurance products and energy providers would that help?

What we need, but dislike following!!

How would you manage your data without rules and direction?  How do you know if your efforts are working or are you treading water? Using definitions from a previous post – Data Governance Landscape Data Governance (DG) The complete lifecycle of information deemed important to the organisation to mitigate risk. Example: The packaged (gross) […]

No secrets in our social media world!

1 Billion data records stolen in 2014 +78% increase in one year (2013) 2,803,036 data records/day 116,793 every hour 1,947 every minute 32 every second Shocking worldwide stats! The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – is on personal data protection: processing and free movement of data. It considers important aspects like globalization and technological […]

Compliance Reduction

With the ever increasing pressures of legislation on all organisations from Packaging Regulations and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), to Solvency II and Basel, organisations are reliant on data for compliance. Great data can reduce the cost of those obligations. Savings of up to 40% are within grasp when data is accurate and can […]