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Data Sufficiency – What Is Enough Data?

How do you know when you have enough data to go live?


A Successful Data Role Is?

Success in a data role involves bringing the whole organisation on a journey of discovery and enlightenment.

Data Management – Brilliant Basics

What value will you bring to your organisation through your data activities?

California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018

Companies that do business in the California state have until January 2020 to become compliant with wide-reaching law

Why Bother With Building a Digital Culture?

Transitioning to a data culture is a challenge that requires dramatic change for traditional organisations, but the first steps toward that end can be simple ones. #digital #data #culture

Digital Transformation Insights

Some practical advice on how to better define your strategy and manage some of the potential hurdles and pain points of a digital transformation.

Developing a Data Driven Culture

Ideas on how you can support your organisation in becoming data driven and developing the right cultural environment for success.