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Data Management – Brilliant Basics

What value will you bring to your organisation through your data activities?


Does Data Quality Matter?

Taking the time now to formulate what data quality means to your company or organization can create a ripple-effect of improved customer service, a better customer experience, a higher conversion rate and longer customer retention – and I am sure you will agree those are the kinds of returns on investment that any business will […]

Where To Start Your Data Journey

Feel you need to go digital, so you don’t get left behind. Want to set the foundations of your data management programme and introduce governance of data. Get a jump start with your customer satisfaction, cost reduction or improvement programmes. Where do you start? Below is a great high-level summary of what you need to […]

You Want To Become a Data-led Organisation…How do you get there?

What is a Data-led Organisation? An organisation that uses data to drive their decision-making process.  Before making a decision, they analyse relevant data and let the conclusions drive the decision. Trust in the data is paramount if your decision-making is being driven by the conclusions of the analysis of your data. How do you get […]

Data pools – the efficiency and accuracy of exchanges

For many years I have supported the initiative for exchanging product related data, based around standards, electronically between trading partners. Today this initiative has gone to another level in the ways your business can improve its connection with its suppliers and customers. The problem Complex supply chains with manufactures’ products reaching the ultimate consumer through […]