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Why Bother With Building a Digital Culture?

Transitioning to a data culture is a challenge that requires dramatic change for traditional organisations, but the first steps toward that end can be simple ones. #digital #data #culture


Digital Transformation Insights

Some practical advice on how to better define your strategy and manage some of the potential hurdles and pain points of a digital transformation.

Developing a Data Driven Culture

Ideas on how you can support your organisation in becoming data driven and developing the right cultural environment for success.

Social Media in Sport – How engaged are your club members?

As a supporter does your favourite sport engage you with their social media? If you are a sports club be it tennis, rugby or football, etc., how do you engage with your supporters? These days we are used to performing activities digitally, whether that is buying tickets, merchandise shopping or looking for information on the […]

Did You Secure Your Front Door – Data Security?

What are you doing to keep the door to your data secure? Don’t treat data security as an afterthought, you would not leave the door open to your unoccupied offices overnight.
Data Discovery
Classify & Assess
Policies & Procedures
Response Plan

The Network and Information Systems Regulations 2018

While we were all focusing on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there was another directive which became effective in May this year: The Network and Information Systems Regulations 2018 Known as the NIS Regulations. These regulations came into force on 10th May 2018. The NIS Directive is the first piece of EU-wide legislation on cybersecurity. They aim […]

Where Is Your Data Quality Scorecard?

You have data issues or think you might have data issues.  How do you manage these and how do you present this to the business for highlighting progress in data quality? Last month I posted about managing data quality and defining your metrics, the data dimensions, and your acceptable thresholds and tolerances. Today I have […]