Liz is a global strategic data management expert with over nine years’ experience across multiple industries. Her passion for data management has solved problems which many companies experience with duplicate, inconsistent, inaccurate and incomplete data.

Liz has defined and delivered global end-to-end data and digital content management solutions, creating a “single version of the truth”. This has resulted in halving times to market for new products, increasing sales and improving decision-making.

Liz works for IBM as a lead consultant in data quality and governance. She has solved data issues across many different industries from Oil and Gas to Insurance (Solvency II).

Prior to IBM, Liz spent a number of years in the branded office products industry where she revolutionised global governance for product data. She quickly became an advocate for the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN), allowing retailers and manufacturers to exchange product data electronically using barcodes. During this time she was an active participant in the industry’s BOSS Federation, contributing to the development of standards, consistency and collaboration across the industry

Liz joined the Connecting Women in Technology programme after attending previous events at HP and Avaya and is active in a number of local ‘women in business’ initiatives and personal development events.


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