2016, what delights behold?

In the last 10 years, have you become dependent on our smartphones?  With businesses adapting to the need for customer facing applications, to assist with our dependency.

Remember when you had to go to your bank branch to transfer money and pay someone or wait until you got home to switch on your appliances. Now with a couple of clicks of the app you can do these things almost anywhere.

What will 2016 bring in our fast moving, 24/7 environment, we love to hate…sometimes!  Some exciting predictions for the big data industry.

Internet of Things

How many sensors do you own/use, 10, 20, more?

100,000 sensors emitting 10 readings per second creates 1 million pieces of data per second.  That is 60 million pieces of data a minute.  We want to measure everything, therefore this area will continue to multiply exponentially.  With sensor data from utility grids, production lines and in distribution and supply chains to monitor and optimise processes.  Sensors on our smartphones, health and fitness wristbands, fridges, hospital equipment, aircraft engines and industrial equipment. There is no end in sight to what we want to measure.  With billions of sensors emitting data and billions more to come this will have a dramatic effect on the rates at which non-transactional (that’s the name of the data coming from the sensors) big data is generated.  The question to be answered is where will this data be stored and what will we do with it?


Public storage can be as little as a few pence per gig per month.  How much data do you have stored on your multiple devices and in the cloud, let alone your business?

If a few pence sounds reasonable…then add on the cost of network transit, retrieval, security and performance improvements, these all balloon those few pennies to make public storage less cost effective.  Think about your exponential growth in senor data, how much will that cost to store and analyse – will you obtain the return on investment?

Taking this into consideration, your 2016 storage solution will be hybrid clouds – nothing new, but if this was managed by invisible technologies that make enterprise storage and data protection (don’t forget the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – on personal data protection: processing and free movement of data) integrated and easy to use.  Winning technologies as with winning Data Governance are the unseen, seamless activities adding value to your business operations.

Business Intelligence (BI)

What to do with all this data?..The next generation of BI will to make use of the growing mountain of data and turn it into intelligence. A “Networked BI” capability would create an interwoven data fabric that delivers business-user self-service while eliminating analytical silos, resulting in faster and more trusted decision making.

Remember that you must know the questions you need answering before you can tap into the power of big data!

I look forward to seeing what developments the future brings, there will be new challenges to rise to and conquer, to make 2016 a happy and prosperous year.

Distilled and my personal view added from: http://insidebigdata.com/2015/12/08/big-data-industry-predictions-2016/

Image credit: www.dev-frame.co


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