Do you know how to be regal?

The room buzzed with the chatter of almost 200 mostly women with a scattering a male attendees from the tech industry…

A couple of weeks ago the latest event, number 14, was held at Google in Holborn.  Themed Cultivating a Powerful Presence, focusing on tangible ways to improve, harness & display a successful presence both professionally and socially.

There was a keynote speaker – Kathryn Parsons Co-founder & Co-CEO of Decoded and a choice of breakout workshop sessions, where you were able to dive deeper into related topics, as well as plenty of networking opportunities and takeaways to use in your day-to-day roles.

With the faithfully efficient volunteers in their blue Google shirts performing a fantastic job keeping the crowds of attendees moving effectively between the presentation rooms held on 3 different floors.  The event was the usual raising of the bar we have become accustomed to at a CWT event.

Connecting Women in Technology (CWT), created 8 years ago is a network which aims to attract, retain, inspire and empower women (and now men) by developing a community to help grow women’s contribution in IT.

We collaborate across the industry to encourage women to find role models and mentors, share best practice through networking and provide a supportive environment for women to connect.  Our purpose is to send a strong message to the market that IT is an attractive place for women to work.

Every 6 months we (one of the 8 tech companies who are part of the CWT group – HP, IBM, Google, Avaya, Intel, Cisco, Dell, Microsoft) take turns in hosting an event for the industry.

The agenda for the Google event consisted of:

CWT Agenda

The two workshops I attended were: Voiceprint and Body Language.


The power of your voice as a tool in day to day interactions. A ground breaking model of social competence focused on the use of talk as the primary form of action for working with others.

We have 9 distinct voices, rely on 5-6 at most, women tend to rely on less!

I would encourage you to check out their site to understand more about the different voices and how to broaden your repertoire.

One of the voices is:

Articulate voice

To use this; summarise back what you have heard to assist with making decisions

We all have the ability to use 9 voices – we just need to practice!

Body Language

To have presence, impact and influence it helps to understand your body language.  You can enhance your gravitas, communication and appearance with enhanced body language knowledge.

What should you do differently when in the boardroom, to presenting on video, to having face to face interactions?  Carole Railton helps answer this question with useful tips and practical solutions.

To the opening question: Do you know how to become regal? Put on a crown obviously!

It’s about the body language you portray with your posture and the way you hold yourself.  Try walking around as if you have a crown on your head.  It’s very difficult to rush or slouch.  Try this next time you are walking around in or out of the office.

Another tip, when lacking in confidence, what self-image is missing from “me” when I feel this way?  What past experience can I rely on from the past to fill that gap and increase my confidence?

Repeat to yourself – it’s going to be fine!


Keep asking yourself – What am I here for?  To help define the situation and what it is you want to get from it.

For more information:


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