Chief Data Officer and Mobile Implementation

As a Chief Data Officer what is is your need to know when implementing Mobile?

Discussing the benefits of mobile app’s in organisations recently and how Information Governance will benefit from mobile, I came up with the following questions that a Chief Data Officer could be concerned with or would require answering them implementing a mobile solution.

  • With the growth of data within the business set to continue, how will mobile improve our process efficiencies?
  • How will mobile improve the accuracy of data?
  • What possibilities does mobile bring to package data in ways that it is better understood and used throughout the organization?
  • What additional business analysis capabilities will mobile bring?
  • What cost reduction will be realized for Information Governance with mobile technologies?
  • What risks does mobile introduce to managing data and how will access be controlled?
  • How will mobile create more visibility of organizational information and in a format making it more valuable?

What additional data can be captured, retained, exploited and for what purposes by using mobile?

What are your experiences in managing data when implementing mobile?


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