Data Governance – Interviewing Stakeholders

Following on from last month’s blog on how to form your “Data Strategy” and the kind of elements that would be contained in the strategy and May’s blog on “Where to Start. I want to provide you with some key questions to ask when interviewing stakeholders, to help understand their needs and wants better.

Define who you need to interview. Who touches data and at what point. List or process flow the date movements around the business. Identify who is involved at what point.

For each stakeholder ask a combination of the following:
• What are your top 3 challenges?
• What are your top 3 priorities?
• What help would you like to improve the situation with these challenges / priorities?
• Have you got any dependencies that need to be considered?
• Have you agreed to any deliverables that dictate timelines or priorities?
• Have you been given a specific direction for your department that is dependent on data?
• Are you involved in any other projects that may have an impact on your time / involvement / data needs?
• Do you have a published strategy that needs to be considered before a direction is agreed?
• Do you see the work required on data to be an extension to your role / teams role or will new roles be created?
• Have you made steps to improve data previously? How did that go?
• What data do you use? Provide to others?

This list of questions is not exhaustive and is dependent on the responses from stakeholders and evolving discussion. You will need to delve deeper. For example if data is used in reports that are problematic; how many reports, how often are they created, do the reports need to change to include extra information, what systems are used, what are the problems with the data in the reports?…

What are the questions you have used to obtain information on how to improve data and plan activities?

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