Quick wins, what will you implement?

Now you have defined the priority order for the key data management activities and set up a register to record existing and newly identified data issues.

Let’s look at how you can demonstrate immediate value to your activities to generate motivation and justify further activity.

Quick Wins

An improvement or benefit that can be demonstrated and delivers value either in terms of monetary value or time.

Not all quick wins will be visible to all, i.e. a tweak to a process by logistics and not credit control, additional communication needed from the supplier to the product manager, a minor change to a field on a form which is not used by all.

Quick wins can; improve confidence in data, define ownership, link disjointed or remove redundant processes, correct internal data and prevent paperwork going astray.


  • Set the objective of what the fix will do – Ensure the quality and timely arrival of data with our Customers for products launched for the next season
  • Who will be involved / affected – Keep this group small to enable speed of introduction of the change.  It can be rolled out to a larger group at a later date.
  • Define roles and responsibilities that will change – Defining peoples involvement reminds them of the importance of their role in the change
  • Set a time period for the fix to be reviewed – did it work, do we need to trial it for longer, can it be rolled out, do we need a new fix?

An Example of a quick win I have implemented

Our customers had no confidence in the data provided on products due to be supplied for the new season.  When products did arrive and they weighed or measured differently to that previously communicated and expected, this caused problems with logistics and store displays.

I added an extra step into the warehouse receiving process for weighing and measuring the actual product when it arrived instead of relying on the data provided from the supplier.

This actual data was recorded and communicated internally and externally to the respective customers.  Providing actual data to logistics teams enabling efficiency and accuracy.

Such as simple step led to this becoming a long term solution and the organisations data becoming the most reliable and respected in the industry.

What quick fix will you introduce?

Share your stories both successes and failures.


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